About Us

Wuzhouhui Oversea Shopping is a project of Globalegrow Inc., a public listed company in China with eight years of export e-commerce experience. In a direction opposite to our export business, Wuzhouhui’s mission is to introduce the best oversea products into China, which is exactly what our name Wuzhouhui means literally in Chinese.

Our Achievement

Started from late 2013, when the Chinese government first initiated the policy of cross-border bonded area e-commerce, Wuzhouhui has made enormous progress. We currently have multiple third-party-platform web-stores, our own PC shopping mall and app; we have initiated six bonded-area warehouses in Guangzhou and Hangzhou, and are preparing a 12000 square-meters self-operated bonded area warehouse in Ningbo. We have an O2O distributional system connecting more than 10000 individual agents, which is increasing every day. We have built partnership with global brands like Salus, Thompson, Sana Expert, Leaders, Frufe, The Goat Skincare, Brauer, Freedom Food, Pure Origins, Hyperbiotics, Thinkbaby, Jamison, Comotomo, etc. Our categories range from maternal& child, healthy & beauty, food & nutrition, beauty & perfume, home & electronics, apparel & handbags.

Join Us

We would like to invite all reputable and credible oversea brands and factories to become our partner in promoting valuable oversea brands and products into the China market. With your market-tested brands and products, our rich marketing experience, our ample distributional channels, we believe we can realize the most value of your brand and bring the best service and products to the Chinese customers at the same time.

Apply for our global partnership


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Or call the business phone:(0755) 86960413-8018

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